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Far from the standards of mass-produced furniture, discover the beauty of a personalized armchair , made according to your tastes and in the materials you really like, with the possibility of having all kinds of designs and logos created and printed.


The different types of armchairs


The whole point of armchairs designed especially for you is to provide superior quality for a beautiful, comfortable piece of furniture with impeccable finishes. Discover the pleasure of furniture that is unique and whose appearance completely matches your taste. The quality of an armchair is perceived both in the quality of its material, capable of lasting for decades without taking a wrinkle as much as in the quality of its aesthetics. Opt for an armchair full of style and which is perfectly in your image!

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Custom solid wood armchairs

Wood is a material full of charm, in particular because it reveals unique veins on each tree. Natural, it can also be painted in order to meet the desired objectives in terms of appearance. Obtaining raw wood, smooth or varnished wood, with a rather light or rather dark natural color, all this is possible by calling on the skills of wood professionals.

Bespoke modern armchairs

Order your modern armchair in the fabric and style of your choice. Let yourself be guided by our advice, our examples of models that can inspire you with the most beautiful creations. These modern armchairs can be made of wood as well as fabric, with high quality visual effects and comfort.

Classic armchairs and benches

Style armchairs and sofas


Classic style armchairs bring a refined and chic decoration to a living room. To complete the decoration of your rooms, remember to choose armchairs that harmonize with your benches, chairs, stools or poufs. Especially if you opt for an original and unique armchair.

Opt for an exceptional decoration of your living room thanks to tailor-made creations full of charisma. Choose the patterns, colors, fabrics and other materials used for manufacturing. Together, let's find the best solutions for an armchair that fits perfectly with your current furniture (sofas, pouffes, convertibles, etc.). The quality of the armchairs you receive depends largely on this ability for designers and manufacturers to adapt to your world, to create furniture that is both comfortable in terms of the seat and backrest, but also furniture that finds its place within your current furniture and the decorative style of your interior.


Order a customizable chair

Treat yourself to an armchair that we can personalize by adding colors that suit you, which create dynamism in your living room. Since equipping yourself with furniture contributes to the decor and atmosphere of your home, you might as well allow yourself to imagine unique designs that will bring a much higher quality of life to your home.

Fauteuil personnalisé
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